New Biz Dilemma

New biz in the ad world is a beast is a to some and the lifeblood to others. We invest so much time and effort into huge ideas that, for the most part, have very little client input. They are not grounded in reality from a client perspective. Yet, every time, at the end of the presentation the group being presented to asks, “Can you send us this deck?” This is where my dilemma begins.

As I said, and you know, we have invested in this information. Common thought suggests that amount may be as much as 10% of their expected fee for the next year on the pitch alone. So there is work and energy going in. And rarely do they pay even a penny for these thoughts. In that occasion a brand is willing to pay for a pitch it is pretty low. Maybe $10K if you’re lucky.

So I guess my issue is that, I believe innocently or not, these people will use the losing agencies thoughts moving forward. We provide all the thoughts, processes, timing, etc that we know in our system with them as a client we will see great results and wins all around.

What if we didn’t provide these thoughts? What if the presentation was it? After all, shouldn’t we be on our A game with them fully engaged? Would this be an insult? Or what if we put a HUGE copyright mark and link to legal page?

I have been part of a company where we chose not to participate in pitches. Granted it was a different scale and for social media business only. But we did it. It was refreshing to cordially decline when asked. But we were more than happy to showcase what we have done previously and discuss the opportunity with them. Just not countless hours and ideas.So maybe this is me venting. Maybe there is a better way to do this. Maybe not. I will keep thinking about this. You should, too.
New Biz Dilemma